About A4Q Testing Summit

Bringing together subject matter from around the world.

Empowering people and organizations

A4Q Global Testing Summit is the ultimate destination for professionals exploring the world of software testing and certifications. The conference offers an immersive and exciting experience, providing a wealth of knowledge, connections with industry leaders and inspiration.

Our conference serves as a gateway to empower individuals and accelerate their career growth. Through a thoughtfully curated line-up, we bring together industry experts, thought leaders and seasoned practitioners to share best practices, insights and real world experiences. 

Meet the team

At A4Q, our team is driven by a shared commitment to empower individuals and organisations in the field of software testing and certification. Together we strive to create an environment where professionals can connect, learn and thrive!

Werner Henschelchen
Conference Chair

Stephan Goericke
Conference Chair

Jannik Milthaler
Project Manager

Abbi Deacon
Marketing Manager

Atefe Amlashi
Campaign manager

Neleen Kruger
Social Media Manager

Kenza Nouaim
Communications Manager

Qualification supporting careers

We recognize the vital role that qualifications play in supporting career growth. Qualification serve as invaluable tools that not only reduce the rate of human errors but also enhance employee motivation through a sense if appreciation and recognitions that comes with continued education.